Vienna, July 8-12, 2024

9th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy

Mentoring Program for EuroS&P

The security and privacy community has significantly grown over the past years. This, together with rolling deadline models, also causes significant increases in the load of PC members across these venues. To counter this, we plan to expand the PC of EuroS&P not only with experienced reviewers, but also invite a limited number of less senior community members to join the committee (at most 10%). In this way, junior community members are exposed to the reviewing and discussion process, while also benefiting from the experience and insights of more senior reviewers. The PC chairs will ensure junior PC members are balanced across papers.

Candidates should have published work already in major venues and have (sub-)reviewing experience. Each junior PC member (i.e., a member who has not yet participated as a PC member in a major security and privacy PC) will be assigned a mentor. For each round of review, the mentee and mentor will be informed by the PC chairs about one paper they can discuss without conflicts. The mentee will then provide a review for this paper at least one week before the review deadline to the mentor. The mentor will carefully read the menteeā€™s review and provide actionable and constructive feedback on it. The mentee will incorporate the feedback to submit the review on time. This process will occur for both rounds of reviews.

PC members who volunteer to become mentors and are assigned a mentee (which may not happen given the unknown set of mentees up front) will in turn have their review load reduced by one paper in each round.